About US

We are Riders that love to ride – we enjoy the journey more it seems then the destination, but don’t rush when we get there either. We are open to all riders who love to have fun. It doesn’t matter what you ride, just as long as you love to ride as well. We are not PC and believe respect is a two way street. We are family.

The Core Four:

– Leader is known as Big Red – He is the navigator of the group as well
– Enforcer is known as Sling-Shot – He loves taking the corners fast – 4×4 is his middle name
– Treasurer is known as Blinky – She loves to drop the hammer
– Entertainer is known as Crash – He loves to keep us on our toes

More Brothers and Sisters:

– Scoots – She is a long for the ride
– Smokin’ Joe
– Agent Orange (AKA Lady Killer)
– Sugar Free
– Thunder
– Harley Girl
– AH
– Valkyrie Dave
– Where I’m I
– They call me Q
– Hollie
– The next could be you…………..